My name it's Gianluca Cavalieri and I'm born in '70 in Rome (Italy).

I'm working in the IT world since 1986 and I've covering multiple roles. The underlying theme of my career has always been my passion for programming and my love in the world of video games.

My interest in this field derived from my passion for videogames that followed me throughout my life(I'm a videogame expert).

I have bought every console: Nintendo 64, NeoGeo, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP and DS every type of videogame: FPS, Racing, RPG and platform games.

The programming languages included during my work experience are C, C++, Objective-C, Assembler, C#, Java, Pascal, Visual Basic, PHP, ASP, Javascript, Flash. Moreover, I think that my experience in programming and 3d would help me integrate easily in the team of Developers.

Software developer specialized in games programming. Optimal programmer in c++ language Windows ambient and recently Nindendo Wii, PS3 and XBOX360 developed. Flexible mind to learn new tecnologies and new games concepts from other people.

Game programmer:

  • "Pray for Death" (Lightshock, PC, Virgin)
  • "Black Viper" (Lightshock S.rl., Amiga and PC, Neo)
  • "Xtm Motocross" (Dawn Interactive SRL, PC )
  • "Prezzemolo in un viaggio da sogno" (FrameStudos S.r.l., DVG, Blue Label)
  • "GemSmashers", (Framestudios S.r.l., Wii, Red Wagon Games)

Engine programmer & Game programmer:

  • "GranPrix Online Racing" (PC, Online)
  • "Key Moto Online Racing" (PC, Online)
  • "I Classici delle Carte" (Prograph Research S.r.l., PC )
  • "Smiley World Challenge" (gd-Mind S.r.l., WII, Zoo)
  • "Spring Board" (FrameStudios S.r.l., iPhone)
  • "TBA" (FrameStudios S.r.l., iPhone)